Attention: Homeschool Moms! Want to lose weight and get fit?
"Psst! From One Homeschool Mom to
Another: Here's How You Can Lose Weight
and Get Fit Without Extreme Diets, Hours of
Exercise or Spending Tons of $$$"

Dear Dedicated Homeschool Mom,

"Overweight and obesity may soon cause as much preventable disease and death as
cigarette smoking."
Surgeon General David Satcher

Obesity and overweight are fast becoming the top causes of illness and death
in the United States. As Moms,
we are especially vulnerable to becoming overweight
or obese and suffering from the resulting ill health. Pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle,
being preoccupied with the children and family ... we allow all this to get in our way of
losing weight and getting fit. And the result? Overweight, out of shape, tired all the
time, always sick - sound familiar?

From the Desk of:

Angela Ramos
Certified Fitness Trainer and
Homeschooling Mom of 4

Date: (Today)
Isn't It Time You Took Care of Yourself ... for
Your Family's Sake As Well as Your Own?

Scotty, mother of 2. Lost over 100 lbs.
Renee, mother of 7, 17 weeks postpartum
Karen, working mother of 2
Vicky, grandmother
As a home school Mom of 4 children, I know how full your hands are. After all, you're
juggling so many roles at once: wife, mother, teacher, home school curriculum planner,
cook, healer, financial manager ... the list goes on and on. With a job description like
that, who's got time to exercise, right?

With a role as IMPORTANT as yours is, you can NOT afford to neglect
your health.
Just think about it: Your family needs and deserves a wife and mother who
is vibrant, energetic and on top of her game.
You need to be strong and full of
energy to fulfill all your roles well without wearing yourself out or getting sick.

Besides, don't you want your children's home education to include how to learn and
adapt good health habits for the rest of their lives? If you want to teach them how to be
healthy for life, you have to begin with ... you!

Stop and Think: What Would Your Family Do Without You?
The fact is, wanting to lose weight isn't just about looking good, you know.
Being overweight increases your risk for life-threatening diseases such as diabetes,
high blood pressure, heart disease and various cancers. It also zaps you of the
energy you need to enjoy life. Perhaps worst of all, being overweight and out of
shape robs you of the confidence to live life to the fullest.

But as a homeschool Mom, you probably don't have the time or money to work out
in a gym or hire a personal trainer. You need an
at-home fitness plan that:

is flexible enough for you to work into your schedule
doesn't require expensive gym memberships or fitness equipment
incinerates fat fast, in 20 minutes a day or less
super charges your metabolism, so you continue to burn fat
even as you go about your usual activities throughout the day
builds lean muscle, making you strong and firm
jacks up your energy so you can run around with your children
and get everything on your to-do list done
helps you lose your mommy belly, for good
Guess what? That plan is here:
Take the 12-Week Fitness Transformation Challenge for
Homeschool Moms and Be Healthier Than You Have Ever Been!
I found myself more than 50 pounds overweight after giving birth to my
fourth child. And yes, I found it hard to lose all of that weight. But after some
hard work and dedication, a year later, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight,
stronger and healthier than ever.
If I can do it, you can do it, too! Check out
my "before" and "after" pictures below:
I enjoyed my journey back to health so much that I became a certified fitness
Because I believe in the importance of good health to a full and happy life, I run
a fitness bootcamp in my hometown. My bootcamp provides fitness programs for
time-crunched men and women that are safe, fun and most of all, effective.
I have
helped over a hundred Moms get back in shape and adopt lifelong healthy
habits. Let me help you, too!

I created the Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide because I want to reach out
to more homeschool Moms who want to get fit for life. If you can't make it to my fitness
camp in Indiana, this is the next best thing!

Take a look:
12 weeks of complete fitness program with no workout longer than 20 minutes - you
CAN make time for this!
exercise photo glossary and videos of every exercise - to make sure you're doing
each exercise correctly
a simple eating plan, meal guidelines, shopping lists, meal planning form - to
make it easy for you to eat healthy for the rest of your life
free membership support site - get moral support, motivation and real life advice
"Before beginning with Angela, I was a size 14, with what I thought was an
extremely lofty goal of being a size 10 by the summer. Nine weeks into the program,
I am now a size 10, and summer is still over a month away.

In addition to the weight and fat loss (12 lbs in 9 weeks so far), I've gained a lot of
muscle strength and body tone.

Angela offers a website loaded with invaluable information… and a fun online fitness
community where many of us check in to share our successes and challenges.

Angela works me hard, but also gives me plenty of praise and encouragement along
the way. She is always able to answer my questions. I, initially,almost put off my
start date because I was going to be out of town for 10 days, but she encouraged
me to go ahead and do my best while traveling. As a result, I had an abundant
amount of energy on my trip, I made good food choices, and I got plenty of
exercise in.

The fact that Angela is a homeschooling mom and wife only supports my
appreciation for her. And if I can do this as a mom of 6 young children, I hope I can
convince others to do this as well! It's worth it!"

Renee Harris

Yes, Angela, I want to get fit now!
Give Me 12 Weeks and I'll Help You Lose Weight in 9 to 20
Minutes A Day!
The Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide is designed to get you fit, strong
and healthy. You'll have enough energy to run after your kids and engage in lots of
horseplay. Your mind will be clearer. You'll be much more productive and creative. Oh,
and did I mention you'll look great, too? But you know what, I should just stop talking
about it and let you see the difference that my program has made for these Moms:
Tammy, mother of 2
Jennifer, mother of 4
I want to transform my life now!

"Since I have joined Angela's online
fitness club I have gained a lot of
strength and tone in my body. I stand
and walk taller now and now I can fit
into clothes that I haven't fit into since
before my last baby was born. Angela
is a wealth of knowledge and the ladies
on the forum are so supportive and
offer great motivation."
Here's The At-Home Fitness Plan You Can Stick With
Order the Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide and you'll get a fitness plan
made up of exercises that last 9 to 20 minutes, tops! Plus, enough routines to give you
variety and never get bored with exercising. I'll also give you a lifetime healthy eating
plan so you'll never have to diet again.

Get the guide and discover:

12 weeks worth of workout routines that burn fat and build lean muscle all over
your body
all the tools you need to learn how to eat healthy, so you can take charge of your
eating, curb cravings and get optimum nutrition for you and your family
weekly fun exercises for your entire family to participate in - let the whole family
get fit
access to me and other Moms on our membership support site - it's like getting an
online coach and community
for encouragement and practical advice
and much more!
"I started training with Angela after several unsuccessful attempts at working out
by myself. I have never been a self motivator when it comes to exercising. In the
past I would do great at exercising for a few days consistently, then quickly find
an excuse not to continue.

Then one day I talked to Angela and she was so passionate about teaching others
to make a lifestyle change. Not just exercising, or starting a dreadful diet, but
making healthy changes that would be attainable. I knew that I could do it
because I had seen her change before my eyes. (one day I looked at her and
realized that there was only about half of her left!) I was so excited after talking to
her that I joined the online program right away. I loved it. I felt so motivated by
her to get my customized workouts done. I couldn't wait to email her and tell her
how I was doing."

Tracey, Mother of 3
I want to get fit starting right now!
Get Fit At Home For Only $29.95!
Imagine, that's less than $2.50 a week for a complete exercise and eating plan, plus
online support and coaching that will get you healthy for life.
Aren't your health and
happiness worth it?

And to make it even easier for you to decide, I am giving a no-risk, 100% guarantee. If
30 days of trying the Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide you are not
happy for any reason, I'll refund all your money -- no questions asked.

Get The Best "Health Insurance" Right Now
Don't put off your health and well-being any longer. The sooner you start your fitness
transformation, the sooner you enjoy the benefits. Get your copy of the
Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide
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as your payment is processed, you will get your guide instantly.
Quick tip: Make the Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide part
of your homeschooling curriculum and get the whole family involved
But Wait - There's More!
To make this a no brainer for you, I looked around for other stuff I could give you to
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Send me my guide, Angela!
Get Ready For a Toned Body, High Octane Energy
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___ YES! I want to order the Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide for only
$29.95. I understand that I get the following:
12 weeks of exercise routines with weekly family activities

meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, meal planning guides

access to the online membership site

FREE Bonus #1: Approved 100 Calorie Snacks ($19.95 value)

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FREE Bonus #5: Taking Care of Mom—Special Report and Fill-R-Up! Taking Care of
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And I am fully protected by your 30 day money back guarantee.
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Take up to 30 days to decide. If you're not happy, hey, I don't want any of your money.
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taking all the risk… so you don't have to!
Do we have a deal?
I want my guide now!

Angela Ramos
Certified Fitness Trainer
and Homeschool Mom

P.S. If you've always wanted to lose weight and get fit but thought you didn't have
the time, energy or money ... let me show you how you can do it! Order the
Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide

P.P.S. I've helped more than 100 women get fit again - let me help you! It'll only
take 9 to 20 minutes, 3 times a week and less than $2.50 a week. Are you with
me? Get the
Fit Homeschool Mom Transformation Guide already!

P.P.P.S. Look at the before and after pictures again. The next one could be you!
Come on, it'll be fun!
Taking Care of Mom—Special Report by Cindy Rushton

Tired? Weary? Need some fresh ideas for taking care of mom? Feeling that push and
pull on you as you balance all of the many demands in your life? Are you great
about taking care of others, yet not quite so good about taking care of YOU? Has it
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FREE Bonus #5
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Fill-R-Up! Taking Care of Mom!
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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the tremendous calling of womanhood?
Do you consider this one of the most demanding, yet rewarding roles you will ever
fill…yet that send shivers down your spine? Join Cindy as she exhorts you in this
high calling. This workshop was birthed as a result of Cindy’s heart cry during times
she has found her OWN cup empty! The biblical insights are sure to draw YOUR heart
to your Heavenly Father AND to those you are pouring into. You will leave this
workshop with some of the most practical tips ever. Join us as Cindy ministers
encouragement and direction straight from the Word of God to your heart, soul, and
NOTE: Fit Homeschool Moms Transformation Guide is a downloadable e-book. No physical products
will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the
bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on
Mac or PC.
NOTE: Fit Homeschool Moms Transformation Guide is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped.